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About Us

Swee Aik Food Manufactory started humbly by the Tan brothers back in the late 1970s. It all started from roasting meat in their kampung house. In the 1980s, Swee Aik has expanded into owning 2 small stalls in Yishun. Swee Aik is considered the few pioneers of meat roasting industry in Singapore, with only the other surviving Kay Lee that is being sold off to the large corporation.

Today, Swee Aik operate a factory that has the capacity of fulfilling hundred of orders, and not only does roasting of meat. Meat variety has expanded to braising and also to Philippines's famous Lechon Liempo. Also expanded to 3 market stalls providing freshly cooked meat products to the consumer.

Swee Aik has perfect the recipe for all their meat products that are loved by Singaporean, bringing the Singapore taste of meat differing from the traditional Hong Kong style roasting.


With wide variety of clienete ranging from hotels to restaurant and hawker stalls.

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