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Roasted Pig

Roasted Pig


Delight in the timeless tradition of celebration with our meticulously roasted pig, available in three sizes tailored to your needs: Small (10kg), Medium (14kg), or ,Large (18kg). Each promises an unparalleled culinary experience, meticulously prepared for optimal flavor and tenderness.

Sourced from reputable farms in the Netherlands, Spain, and Indonesia, our pigs epitomize quality and ethical farming practices. The Small and Medium variants, raised with tender care in Europe, boast a delectable taste and succulent texture, ideal for intimate gatherings and special occasions.

For those seeking grandeur, our Large pigs from Indonesia deliver robust flavor and generous proportions, making a statement at any festivity. Handpicked with precision, they exemplify our commitment to providing the finest culinary delights.

Our roasted pig transcends mere food—it embodies cultural heritage and symbolism. In Cantonese and Hakka traditions, it symbolizes purity and commitment, resonating with modern-day sincerity and respect. Presenting a whole pig as a betrothal gift in Chinese weddings signifies profound sincerity and respect, reflecting the groom's earnest intentions.

Beyond cultural significance, our roasted pig holds a revered place in religious and entertainment realms. Whether offered as a heartfelt gesture to deities or as a symbol of success at film premieres, its presence invokes blessings and positivity.

Elevate your celebrations and rituals with our premium roasted pig, crafted with tradition and care to ensure unforgettable moments with every savory bite. Plus, enjoy the convenience of free delivery right to your doorstep in Singapore, making your celebrations hassle-free.

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Available whole in 3 sizes

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